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One pound at a time.

I’m proud to have spent over 26 years as a medical doctor treating cancer patients. I am even prouder now to help cancer survivors build stronger immune systems so they can live longer and protect the body against unwanted disease.

I get to share life-altering information and techniques to cancer survivors that the mainstream medical fraternity doesn’t know, won’t share, or cannot understand.

I’m happiest now as I get to help women like you … survivors who put cancer in the backseat … stay out of the treatment chair AND step  towards the life of your dreams through my tailored courses, personalized coaching services, and books.

In this new phase of my life, one of the questions I get asked a lot is...

"What makes you different in how you can help cancer survivors on their post-treatment journey?

Well, it truly was a journey to get here.

As a Radiation Oncologist, I provided life-altering cancer treatments to more than 2,000 patients. During that time, my patients began to come in with cancer at younger and younger ages. I also saw cancer survivors coming back with a second and even third bout of cancer. 

So, naturally, I was curious to understand why this was happening and started researching. Some said they were doing all the right things recommended for cancer survivors. While others somehow went back to their old way of life – even though they tried to develop new lifestyle habits. But something just didn’t add up.

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

No one is ever ready for that diagnosis. I know I wasn’t. After two decades of supporting cancer patients through their treatments, it was now my turn on the treatment table. 

But I knew I didn’t want to become a repeat cancer patient. I had to figure out what it took to develop an immune system so strong cancer cells would need to fight … and fight hard … to survive.

Plus, this wasn’t even my first run with health challenges

My roller coaster ride with chronic conditions began in college where I put on 30lbs in just my first year alone. 

And on that ride, I repeatedly lost AND regained 20-30 pounds more times than I can count. 

So, I had been paying attention to how lifestyle and mindset could support my health journey for a while. I’ve done the many diets that quickly get the fat off but don’t provide lasting results. I’ve gone the exercise route. Joined the gym, did aerobics, lost weight. And it came back.  

Spent thousands on personal trainers and bootcamps. Lost the weight. Looked and felt good for a while. 

But the weight always came back. AND it came back with friends ...

  • … In my twenties the weight came back with high blood pressure.

  • … In my thirties it brought with it a stroke.

  • … In my forties I was diagnosed with breast cancer

  • … And I received a diagnosis of pre-diabetes for my 50th birthday!

A truly wild ride. And through it all, I kept thinking to myself …

“How can I be such a great doctor and not have control over my own health?

So, I did what I knew best. 

I went back into the medical journals to find what the research said about achieving healthy weight loss, disease prevention, and what I needed to do to make those results last a lifetime. 

I immersed myself in absolutely everything that had to do with health, nutrition, and personal growth. I read every book I could get my hands on. And I went back to school to become a Health and Life Coach.

I also rekindled my relationship with Jesus and discovered what the Bible had to say about health. And here was where I found the link I had been missing all these years.

It all came together based on what I learned through my own cancer journey, years of medical practice, new research, and a renewed spiritual connection. 

I came to the realization that science and scripture are proven to be true. And that’s why I offer health coaching services to cancer survivors designed to target the health (metabolism), head (mindset), and heart (soul).

So, I dare to be different. To teach things that mainstream science has not yet embraced.

And to focus on treating the whole person – mind, body, soul. When you’re metabolically, mentally, and spiritually healthy, there’s so much your body can do to help you in your fight to keep cancer at bay.


I understand the scary journey that is cancer, because I’ve been there. 

I know you’ve spent thousands if not hundreds of thousands on your cancer-curing treatments. I also know you do not want to have to go through that process again … I don’t

  • So, it’s time you bulletproof your body and your beliefs to take back control of your health.

  • It’s time to transform behaviors that have you feeling trapped and unfulfilled, so you can show up in places and spaces with more confidence and create your legacy ... Because you can.

You CAN reinvent your life. 

A life where you can lose weight and increase your energy so much, that you'll build courageous confidence.

Where you can take on projects you’ve never dreamed you would accomplish after a cancer diagnosis.

Because this post-cancer journey is more than just creating healthy habits. It’s a wellness journey that goes deeper using diet, lifestyle, and powerful principles that push survivors like us into medical and mental mindset shifts that bring about huge advancements towards our goals.

And I’m here to happily help you navigate and enjoy this stage.

Working together or through one of my courses, you’ll learn how to:

  • Banish extra weight, boost energy and build your immune system … because a strong body is one of the fundamental pillars of your post-treatment journey.

  • Fuel your confidence and fall madly in love with yourself...all over again.

  • Free yourself from fear and escape the rut you've been living in far too long.

Ready to dive deeper into how you can bounce back better after cancer?

I work with cancer survivors who are now ready to build a breathtaking future, where you get to live on your own terms.

Here are the ways in which I can help:

Ready to dive deeper into how you can bounce back better after cancer?

I work with cancer survivors who are now ready to build a breathtaking future, where you get to live on your own terms.

Here are the ways in which I can help:

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