Hi, I’m Dr. Tonya Echols Cole.

I am a board certified radiation oncologist, cancer survivor, wife and mother.

“Cancer was just my business, until it became my diagnosis.”

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2014. As a doctor who has treated cancer patients for almost 20 years, I now have unique insight on what being both a cancer patient and a cancer doctor is like.


My goal for for writing this blog… is to inspire you, support you, educate you, and provide resources and services to you and anyone you know who is fighting a cancer battle.


My Professional JourneyI grew up in Cincinnati Ohio. I got my undergraduate degree from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland. I received my medical degree from the University of Cincinnati and I completed a five-year residency training program in Radiation Oncology at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. I moved to Atlanta Georgia in 1998 and I have been treating cancer patients here for nearly 2 decades.


In 2004, I started my own practice. Since then, I have been committed to providing compassionate, conscientious cancer care to men and women in the metropolitan Atlanta area.


I love to give talks on breast cancer screening and prevention, radiation treatment, and overcoming obstacles.


I am active in the community. I have served on numerous volunteer boards including, The American Red Cross minority recruitment board and Youth Vibe, Incorporated. I have volunteered at numerous free cancer screening events, breast cancer support groups and participated in career fairs. I even ran and created the medical ministry at my church.


My Family… I am the middle child of 5 children. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. My parents, (who now live with me) have been married for 62 years. I am happily married to my husband Greg. We have a teenage son and a set of 3-year-old twin daughters.


Why The Beauty of Cancer? My mission is to show you the “real” Beauty of Cancer. I want to change the perception of what a cancer diagnosis really means. Just as hard sand creates a beautiful pearl, the journey through cancer treatment creates pearls of wisdom that I like to call “Beauty Secrets”. When you follow this blog, you will find out all of my beauty secrets and much, much more.